Janis Stevens specializes in the fine art of portraiture, including oil paintings or pastel paintings and sculptures in clay.  Commissions are welcomed of  children's portraits, cat portraits, horse portraits or dog portraits, and other animal portraits including birds and wildlife paintings.  Her home studio is in Key West which inspired the  many oil paintings of Key West tropical flowers and Key West sunsets which appear on her on line gallery.  She also creates ceramic masks, ceramic sculptures, and ceramic nude figures.

Janis Jo Stevens is a well known portrait artist and enjoys painting pictures of people in charcoal, pastels and oil. She is experienced in painting animal portraits,  dog portraits, cat portraits, horse portraits and bird portraits.  She loves to  paint tropical flowers, sunsets oil paintings, still life, landscapes, and seascapes inspired by the natural beauty of Florida Keys.

If you like sculpture you will find many unique pieces in ceramic here including collectible ceramic masks, Marquettes, ceramic sculptured figures, and other original designs from fired clay. Some pieces are finished with raku and other colorful glazing processes.

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You can shop for Janis Stevens art directly from this site. Many art pieces can be purchased on line via secure, encrypted connections. You can also commission an art piece or a portrait from the portrait painter herself.